TOTBİD Dergisi

TOTBİD Dergisi

2022, Cilt 21, Sayı, 1     (Sayfalar: 023-025)

Virtual reality simulation in spine surgery education

Ufuk Aydınlı 1, Kürşat Kar 2

1 Liv Hospital Vadistanbul, Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Bölümü, İstanbul
2 İstinye Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Ana Bilim Dalı, İstanbul

DOI: 10.5578/totbid.dergisi.2022.05
Görüntüleme: 545
İndirme : 392

There is no standardization in surgical training worldwide, thus many complications can be related to insufficient training and practice. These complications often lead to undesirable results for our patients. In medicine, there is an ancient rule; `Primum non nocere` meaning `First, do no harm`, while attending a patient. For this rule to be effective, it is essential to get the necessary training and experience.

Simulation of the work environment and instrumentation is not a new invention, well known for pilots training with simulators since the 1980s. The surgeons using this simülatör with virtual reality (VR) and haptic device can do pedicle screw, lateral mass screw placement in posterior cervical spine with unlimited repetition. In this way, we can prevent a significant portion of surgical complications in the future.

Anahtar Kelimeler : spine; virtual reality; haptic device