TOTBİD Dergisi

TOTBİD Dergisi

2022, Cilt 21, Sayı, 2     (Sayfalar: 196-207)

Superior capsular reconstruction in massive rotator cuff tears and clinical results

Yusuf Onur Kızılay 1

1 İstanbul Atlas Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Ana Bilim Dalı, İstanbul

DOI: 10.5578/totbid.dergisi.2022.27
Görüntüleme: 330
İndirme : 376

Massive rotator cuff tears may cause many difficulties for orthopedic surgeons in the surgical treatment. Although there are different treatment options for the treatment of irreparable rotator cuff tears, which constitute a special group among massive tears, all these methods have their own limitations. The superior capsular reconstruction method, which has been defined in the past 10 years and has become increasingly popular around the world, is a biological and joint-sparing surgical option that can overcome some of these limitations. However, since this method is a relatively new method and clinical studies with long follow-up are limited in the literature, there are many points that are not clear in surgical indications and surgical technique. In this article, the surgical indications of the superior capsular reconstruction method, its application technique, clinical results, and controversial issues in the literature will be discussed.

Anahtar Kelimeler : rotator cuff tear; irreparable; massive; superior capsular reconstruction; arthroscopy; shoulder