TOTBİD Dergisi

TOTBİD Dergisi

2011, Cilt 10, Sayı, 3     (Sayfalar: 189-191)

Pathogenesis, clinical features and diagnosis of septic arthritis

Abdullah Eren 1, Korhan Özkan 1

1 Göztepe Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi 2. Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Kliniği, İstanbul

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Joint space infections continue to be among the most common causes of arthritis. It should be suspected in all patients who present with a spontaneously and acutely swollen joint. Several different microorganisms cause the disease but Staphylococcus aureus is the most frequent pathogen in children and adults. In this manuscript we aimed to discuss the pathogenetic mechanism with the factors causing the disease and usefulness of laboratory and radiological evaluations.

Anahtar Kelimeler : Joint; infection; septic arthritis