TOTBİD Dergisi

TOTBİD Dergisi

2020, Cilt 19, Sayı, 6     (Sayfalar: 866-868)

Medical treatment in avascular necrosis

Mehmet Akif Çaçan 1, Yılmaz Mertsoy 2

1 İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Anabilim Dalı, İstanbul
2 Gazi Yaşargil Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Ortopedi ve Travmatoloji Kliniği, Diyarbakır

DOI: 10.14292/totbid.dergisi.2020.107
Görüntüleme: 69
İndirme : 70

In the treatment of avascular necrosis, there are currently available methods as surgical and non-surgical. There is no standard form of treatment and treatment options depend on many factors. Individual treatment should be applied for each patient. Effective factors in treatment are the patient`s age, severity of symptoms (level of pain/discomfort), location and extent of necrosis, comorbidities and whether joint surface collapse occurs. Non-surgical methods are mostly used in the early stages of the disease. Medicines used in medical treatment are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, vasodilators (ilioprost), statins, biphosphonates and anticoagulants. The use of these agents varies according to the etiology and stage of avascular necrosis. In the literature, there are studies demonstrate that these drugs are effective in the treatment of avascular necrosis, as well as studies stating that they are useless.

Anahtar Kelimeler : avascular necrosis; medical therapy; medication; conservative treatment