TOTBİD Dergisi

TOTBİD Dergisi

2018, Cilt 17, Sayı, 6     (Sayfalar: 545-553)

Assessment of the patients with spinal cord injury

Onur Engin 1, Özlem El 1

1 Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi, Fiziksel Tıp ve Rehabilitasyon Anabilim Dalı, İzmir

DOI: 10.14292/totbid.dergisi.2018.71
Görüntüleme: 436
İndirme : 3989

Spinal cord injury causes motor and sensory dysfunction, and autonomic disorders in patients. Therefore, it leads to severe functional loss and social problems. The assessment of the patients with spinal cord injury starts at the acute stage. Patients should be handled in a broad perspective; sensory, motor and autonomic condition of the patients should be investigated elaborately. The assessment of the patients with spinal cord injury is very important for the treatment and rehabilitation of the patient. Assessment of the patients with standart scales is crucial for monitoring the patient`s current condition, and to provide common and reliable information among clinicians. The International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury (ISNCSCI) which was developed by the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA), is the most commonly preferred standardized clinical grading and classification method. Due to the improvement of the spinal cord injury rehabilitation, assessment of autonomic dysfunction and pain after spinal cord injury have become an important area of interest for clinicians. In this review we discuss the neurological, functional, autonomic assessment and evaluation of pain in patients with spinal cord injury.

Anahtar Kelimeler : spinal cord injury; ASIA standards; neurological assessment; autonomic system